Friday, August 14, 2009

Downtown Chicago Condo Murals

So I have a big mural/faux finishing job coming up in September. She is quite a lovely lady. She didn't think she was being very clear with what she wanted but luckily vines, roots and organic imagery is right up my alley!

Here are some small little watercolor sketches I have been doing to prepare.

My idea for the closet doors in her bedroom. There are two sets of bi-fold doors on either side of a mirror. Her carpet it cheetah print! I painted this as one solid image and split it up in photoshop. Now I think I need to take the mirror in the middle into account when making the half circle. It seems awkward to me now. I'm working on an updated design now.
p.s. I also hid some feline shapes in this image.

***edit* 8/24/09***

Digital Sketch for the closet mural. Colors may vary depending on screen.
The bottom won't be quite so digital I am going to fade the look of the cheetah print carpet into the bottom. Also the gray divider in the middle is the mirror.

I'm going to take elements of this image and appropriate it into the final bedroom closet doors mural. The rope looking design on the top just happens to match her crown molding.

This one is for the kitchen. I am also going to split this image into 1'x1' squares and make it look like ceramic tiles.

I made this one as an alternate possibility for the kitchen. She loves the way I did the grass so I incorporated it into the closet mural.

I am also going to be doing some faux finishing on a 128 sq. ft. wall in her living room, a wall in her bedroom, and the crown molding in her bedroom, living, and dining room.
I'll post WIP's of the job.

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