Friday, December 22, 2006


Here is a simple portrait I did of Peanut and her momma for christmas...

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


In keeping with the catching up idea, here are some images from a mural I did a couple of weeks ago in south florida.

This was one lion in the "Daniel and the Lion's Den" room

Detail of the face...

The other lion..

The Lion and the Lamb room...

David and Goliath

Some cool coral..

Nifty Scroll...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On with the show

To help get us to the here and now I will carefully dump a bunch of art that I have done on here and anything significant to accompany it.

Fantastical Spaces

World of Wisps

Peace Amongst Chaos

So here are three biggies that I did in the last year and a half. The first two have been sold and the last one is still for sale.
The next ones I am posting were done within the last three months. I submitted images of them to the studio program which I mentioned in my first blog.

Recombinant Visions

Construction of the Soul

Microcosm of Creation (envronment 1)

Vulnerable Creation

Microcosm of Creation 2 (environment2)

Alter Me Experience
I think this one is going to need a whole entry to itself...

Microcosm of Creation 3 (environment3)

You can see these images bigger here :
More catching up to come!

Introduction... ahem

Hello I am Jessica Joy and sometimes referred to as pocketable one because I am a fairly small human being...but I have a huuuge imagination and I plan on spilling its contents into this blog for you all to see.

I will be graduating in May of 2007 with a BFA and then heading off to NY to persue my destined career as a successful artist.
Right now I am living at home for a total of three months to get my health back in order before I go back to Tampa to finish school, but I have been doing tons of painting. I just applied for an art studio program in NY at Smackmellon studios and if I get in that would be amazing. I have a piece of art in the Smithsonian in DC,

and I had one in the Kennedy Center in DC for a month. Thats all for now while I figure out how to use and customize this thing. Have a wonderful day and stop by soon...