Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Journey into 3-D

This is a sampling of some of the work I have done in the last year or two.*edit* (scroll down to see images, this post is longer then I expected it to be) :)
Stepping back I start to see how the work connects. Last year I was introduced to Maya and I really took to it, but once I got out of the class I went back to my comfort zone of making work in a physical tangible space. Maya can be really overwhelming. Months went by and I continued working with photography, painting, attempts at sculpture and collaborating with nature (she was not into collaborating this winter). Graduate school applications were coming closer and I did not feel I had a big enough portfolio of paintings. Then I realized that I don't want to just paint in grad school and that I need images that somehow fall in line with what I want to be doing rather then what I did in the past.

So I tried a few experiments with nature. I did a project last winter that capitalized on the cold weather also:
This time I wanted to make colored icicles in perfect cone shapes and install them around the neighborhood and document how they melted and became more natural looking as nature took over what 'man'(or me in this case) had done. That didn't go too well, but I am willing to try it again next winter...

Eventually I decided to try out Maya again. I was initially very nervous about picking it up again, and I didn't think I would remember how to use it. What still baffles me is that I was actually able to use it BETTER then I had before.
The new work I made with Maya ended up becoming a very natural progression of what I was doing with my traditional media. I posted the images in a sequence below that would illustrate this progression.

Most of what is posted below is what I sent along for my Grad portfolio as well. I'm not sure if I should say where I applied, but wish me luck!

I also just signed up for twitter. You can see it on the top right of this blog. Come follow me on my journey... :)