Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Ready For The smART Show

I am going to be in the annual smART Show at the flatiron building September 11-13!

Here is a peek at what I am working on.
I predict they will transform quite a bit over the next two weeks. I am excited to see what will become of them!

I am working in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and marker on almost all of them.
I have a definite color theme going, consisting of mainly pinks infected with some limey greens.

***EDIT*** 8/30/09

I am really seeing these paintings in a new light since I have been doing more digital painting. I think painting in photoshop really allows me to bring my ideas to life quickly without worrying about messing the painting up. This allows me to appropriate the successful digital techniques into my traditional work!
I think combining digital and traditional media exemplifies the struggle between the organic and linear imagery in my work.

Here is the latest progress...


Antonio Estevez said...

My favorite is the third piece. Im biased towards red! Good luck with the show, love. Knock em dead!

Anonymous said...