Thursday, August 27, 2009

Digital Live Figure Drawings

I was so excited to go to a figure drawing session with my tablet! The buses were all sorta crazy so I missed the fast gesture drawings, but I got to draw/paint 3 poses. The model was really awesome too.

5 minute pose

10 minute pose

Long pose, I think it was anywhere from 45-60 minutes

I toyed with the idea of doing this in color, but decided to stick with black and white.
It took me a bit to adjust all the variables; brush size, opacity, flow, canvas size... and so on
At first I started blocking out the pose with white, then I erased with a lower opacity to expose the background color.

For the last drawing I stopped using the eraser and just used the paintbrush at a lower opacity and flow. Next week I am going to go back and start with a darker background and a better strategy and see how I improve. I am going to watch some time lapse digital paintings on you tube to get some pointers on my digital painting technique.

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