Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now It Is On!

I have been living in this world for the past two years trying to get my bearings so that I can project my passionate concern for humanity outward. I figured out where I needed to be, and more importantly who I needed to be around to have the conversations and interactions I need to have in order to project my voice as loudly as I can to make a difference. That place is the University of Michigan. I just found out I was wait-listed... and I can't imagine that anybody who wanted this even half as badly as me would turn down such an amazing opportunity.

I applied and interviewed with an awareness of what my general focus would be over the next year, hopefully within the community of people who were interviewing me. However, I had not had the input or conversations that I needed to have had for at least two years before I interviewed. After the brief input I received from Anne Mondro, Brad Smith, and Phoebe Gloeckner, my ideas have already started to become clearer. The summer will be all I need to get myself ready for this intense and amazing opportunity. I want to be around these people more, after what a difference 30 minutes with them made!

I want to make people aware of their biological processes on a regular basis so that they will take care of themselves, hopefully creating a significant increase in independence from over the counter medicine and significant medical intervention.

I don't know what will happen, all I know is, "now it's on"! I will find a way to be an influential part of this community with my art no matter what happens, I just hope the University of Michigan will give me the opportunity and help to make that happen.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beta Bird

4' x 2'
oil, acrylic, and vellum on wood

This painting is comprised of easily over 8 detailed layers.

I started off letting the patterns in the wood inspire me. I think of it as a way to alter the existing organic patterns in the wood.
I know the wood is already altered because it is compressed into this board to sell to consumers.
My first layer is usually organic imagery.

My second layer is usually more methodical in an effort to contain and compartmentalize the organic layer (nature).
I usually do this by painting white stripes. I use the color white to show that the contrived layer (man) is trying to take over and create a new clean sanitized controlled space. It it the construction layer, the structure to be built upon.

The next layer is a layer of white to continue covering the organic space and building on the man made structure. However, I usually like to leave behind evidence of each layer so the viewer can easily dive into the layers of the piece to reconstruct it.
Then to mimic what happens in the real world, I start to let the organic imagery(nature) creep back onto the contrived structures. This time the organic imagery is usually a little more contrived because it has a fresh unnatural underlying structure to grow on.

And more organic imagery, as nature starts to take over and obliterate the structure like roots taking over an abandoned building.

Then more linear imagery to push back on nature.

Purple stripes to create a more inviting space while still creating a controlled environment..

I turned the painting upside down because I felt the forms were stronger and more believable.

This is the last documented picture of the process until I was almost done painting the bird, because at some point I couldn't help but get sucked into the world I was creating.

I put blue around the forms in a very flat solid application, but after I was done doing that they seemed too stuff. So further into the process I made the space inside the blue borders less clear to give each flower form more of its own atmosphere. I also did that to give the forms more movement to make them feel more alive, so they didn't look so static.

I hope this post gives you insight into how a piece of art can be made. There are countless approaches, and even more decisions to be made throughout the creative process, and these were mine.

**edit** I just posted an 8" x 17" inch print of Beta Bird on Etsy for $35.

Monday, September 14, 2009

smART show Recap

I had a really good weekend at the Wicker Park smART show! I brought way too much art with me, but luckily there was enough space to put all the work up since I curated my space salon style.

There was more work, but I was generously given two more spaces to hang my work.

I also had a 3 shelf makeshift table with lots of prints.

This was my first year doing the smART show so I was tucked away in a corner out of the way, but we got good traffic anyway.

The best part of the show was meeting 3 really cool people who I shared the space with.
Laura Etheredge who does super detailed drawings with black microns that take not 40, not 50, not 60, but 70 hours to complete in some cases. (her bigger pieces) and Justin Urso who showed some amazing photographs that transported the viewer to Japan, where the series he displayed were taken. So check them out!

I was invited to do first Fridays at the Flat Iron Building on 1579 N Milwaukee and I will be there along with Justin and Laura, so come see us, we are funny, just listen for the laughter!

In other news, I just posted my first print on Etsy

and I was featured in Wicker Park's e-newsletter Pipeline!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hand Painted Business Cards

I made some hand painted business cards for a show I had. I was going through my pictures and thought they were good enough to post, so here they are.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Digital Detail

I am working on 2 digital pieces for my show. This is #2
My computer froze once after working on a lot of the hair!!! I am learning to save every other minute!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

4 Growth Spurts

I have been working on 3 different pieces all day... here is a few spurts of progress on one of them.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm In Love

I decided to put Chicago's skyline in the painting. I was so overwhelmed by all the directions this style could go in when I started I had a hard time focusing. Now I have a direction. And away I go.


After working on it a little more the next morning.


with digital painting.... !!!! I have been working on this all night, and I have to go to bed because I have to work tomorrow morning, but I don't want to stop

but I have to.

This is in progress (of course) and I will post new version tomorrow night.
The image of the girl is from a figure drawing session I went to the other day. (Check earlier post)

I feel like I can really go layer crazy with this new style... SO EXCITED!