Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Introduction... ahem

Hello I am Jessica Joy and sometimes referred to as pocketable one because I am a fairly small human being...but I have a huuuge imagination and I plan on spilling its contents into this blog for you all to see.

I will be graduating in May of 2007 with a BFA and then heading off to NY to persue my destined career as a successful artist.
Right now I am living at home for a total of three months to get my health back in order before I go back to Tampa to finish school, but I have been doing tons of painting. I just applied for an art studio program in NY at Smackmellon studios and if I get in that would be amazing. I have a piece of art in the Smithsonian in DC,

and I had one in the Kennedy Center in DC for a month. Thats all for now while I figure out how to use and customize this thing. Have a wonderful day and stop by soon...

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