Monday, September 14, 2009

smART show Recap

I had a really good weekend at the Wicker Park smART show! I brought way too much art with me, but luckily there was enough space to put all the work up since I curated my space salon style.

There was more work, but I was generously given two more spaces to hang my work.

I also had a 3 shelf makeshift table with lots of prints.

This was my first year doing the smART show so I was tucked away in a corner out of the way, but we got good traffic anyway.

The best part of the show was meeting 3 really cool people who I shared the space with.
Laura Etheredge who does super detailed drawings with black microns that take not 40, not 50, not 60, but 70 hours to complete in some cases. (her bigger pieces) and Justin Urso who showed some amazing photographs that transported the viewer to Japan, where the series he displayed were taken. So check them out!

I was invited to do first Fridays at the Flat Iron Building on 1579 N Milwaukee and I will be there along with Justin and Laura, so come see us, we are funny, just listen for the laughter!

In other news, I just posted my first print on Etsy

and I was featured in Wicker Park's e-newsletter Pipeline!

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