Sunday, August 3, 2008

Green Tape

So this experimental painting has been put on hold due to commissions, a full time job, and needy people, but its one of the next paintings I will be attacking so watch out for more progress. In a previous post I put two pictures of its progress and have forgotten about my poor bloggy since. This painting is experimental because the materials and mediums I use are not the usual for me. In this painting I first put down green tape in stripes (thinking I would take them off in the end) and then just started playing around with black india ink while going for an organic feel. I like to layer orderly straight lines vs. organic imagery, and it seems to be a theme that drips loosely throughout my work. Anyway, then I went into it with liquitex fluid gel medium and some powdered pigments that I mixed together to give its atmosphere if you will. Finally i put in more details with white and started selectively taking off the tape. (See previous posts to see how that developed!) (please).

Who knows what I will do next! Not me!

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